Experiences of Tree Planting Public Welfare Activities

Spring is the season of gestating life, and all life is in the budding stage. On the afternoon of April 12th, our Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co., Ltd. participated in a tree-planting public welfare activity with the theme of “School-enterprise cooperation to cultivate talents and discuss missions”. This activity was carried out at the new campus of Hebei University of Foreign Languages in Yuanshi County. We work with the students of the school to add a little green to their new campus, our common home.

When the manager announced to all employees of the company to start the tree planting activity on April 12, the employees responded enthusiastically and positively. Many employees kept asking about the tree planting activity and the specific arrangements. I hope this special In the days, I expressed my love for the beautiful nature and support for this event. The theme of this event is “School-enterprise cooperation to cultivate talents and discuss missions.” Many companies and schools contribute to the green.

The forest where we planted trees was named “Dream Park”. Those who are in the forest are also wood; those who are wood are also lignum. High-level talents are the pillars of national construction, the soul of university survival, the origin of enterprise development, the integration of production and education, the joint construction of schools and enterprises, and the pride of the times with dreams and responsibilities.

We need to plant a large variety of small tree seedlings, and the planting area is large. At the beginning, everyone worked hard, digging holes, planting trees, and filling soil. But finally, we found that the trees that we planted were all arranged unevenly, and the small trees in the same area were all arranged unevenly. The types of saplings are also different, and everyone did not moisturize them when planting small saplings, which is not conducive to the survival of the saplings. Everyone pulled out the young sapling again.

After finding the problem, re-planning, after effective organization and arrangement, we grouped according to the previous group, and soon restarted planting trees. Some dig pits, some plant saplings, and some fill soil. Everyone is full of energy and full of energy. The meeting completed our company’s tree planting task.

After everyone’s efforts, a lot of trees have been planted in the originally bare open area. Looking at the neatly arranged tree saplings swaying in the spring breeze, and imagining that they will eventually thrive and cover one side after wind, frost, rain and snow, the hearts of my colleagues are happy to bloom. The small sapling that I planted will eventually become a towering tree. Finally, everyone took a group photo to commemorate, and our company employees held up their labor tools in their hands and cheered.

Generally speaking, this event was relatively successful. The main reason is that everyone has a strong sense of participation in this event. The most important thing is of course the positive attitude of colleagues, no matter how perfect the plan, no matter how rigorous the organization, without everyone’s participation, this activity is impossible to complete. The passion and vitality shown by the employees in this activity is The direct driving force for the success of this event was that there was an orderly process during the event. Everyone participated in the event with a happy mood. Only here to pay tribute to all employees of Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co., Ltd.

For this tree planting activity, the employees felt very meaningful. This activity not only planted trees and afforested, beautified the environment, but also strengthened the communication between employees, enhanced the understanding between employees, and deepened mutual friendship. These small saplings planted together represent our company and new hope. They will grow together like the students in this school.

In short, I hope everyone can protect the trees, protect the woods, let the earth add a green, the sky will be covered with a layer of blue, and the air will become fresher!