How to find a professional maize milling machine factory in China?

African countries have a large population. As the staple food in African countries, maize flour has a huge market demand. With the development of economy, people’s demand for staple food is higher and higher. The local small output maize flour mill machine has been unable to meet the needs of people. Some small output local maize mill is gradually eliminated, and large output maize mill occupies the market. In the case of the 2020 epidemic, many factories in other industries have been forced to close, but the flour mills are still running at full capacity. Because people can not work, but they have to eat every day. Flour mill business is daily business. Many investors see benefits. Customers who had been running the maize milling factory 1-5 years ago have made profits. Now we want to expand production. Some related to agriculture investor also want to be in maize mill business, then the investors want to find a real professional maize equipment manufacturer in China.How to find a professional maize milling machine factory in China?

At first, foreign trade industry showed its products to customers through exhibitions. At the exhibition, the supplier met with the buyer to discuss. With the progress of information, now the network is developed, people can through some websites. Search online like Google or through Chinese supplier websites Alibaba, Made-In-China. There is also through the introduction of friends. In our search, we will find numerous suppliers, so how can we identify them?

When you search at the same time, you will find that there are too many suppliers with unbalanced strength, so how do we choose suppliers with unbalanced strength. Maize equipment is not like buying simple clothes or small commodities. This is a kind of large mechanical equipment, which can run for 20-30 years and will be passed on to our next generation. Therefore, choosing a strong supplier is the first condition. It is suggested to choose the supplier from the following aspects: whether it is a real factory or not. Supplier’s strength, equipment and process improvement. African market office. Equipment and materials. Installation training service. Quality assurance services. Spare parts service. After sales service, successful project cases, etc.

In consideration of the above comprehensive supplier characteristics. SHIJIAZHUANG HONGDEFA MACHINERY CO.,LTD stands out.

  • Flour mill professional factory with over 38-year experience

Shijiazhuang Hongdefa Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of wheat flour mill and maize mill,provide high quality machine from 500kg/h to 50ton/h with different design according to our client needs,with European technology,South Africa maize process,China wheat process, roll out unique and innovative wheat flour mill and maize mill plant.

Since 1982, the Hongdefa machinery in flour mill industry. The factory is located in Wumashan industrial area, Zanhuang County, Shijiazhuang City, 4hours driving From Beijing.

Hongdefa Advanced Processing Equipment.

Certificate:Hongefa all Flour mill machinery are high quality and have passed the certification of ISO, CE, BV, SGS and COC.

Patent for Degerminator

Lifelong oversea services:Since 2007, Hongdefa opened the branch office in Lusaka of Zambia,We also put an office in Addis ababa of Ethiopia, Kampala of Uganda.

Pre-sales Consultation:Hongdefa Team can design the processing technology according to your requirements.

Equipment Installation: Hongdefa professional technicians offer the guidance of installation, commissioning the machines,build up the workshop building and silos,and we can also help to reform the old workshop building as per customers’ condition.

Training:Hongdefa professional technicians provides training workers of customers’ factory,which is helpful to guarantee the normal operation of the equipment and reduce its downtime. In this way, the quality of finished products will be guaranteed.

Fixing and Maintenance:Hongdefa professional technical team can help solve any problem that occurs in customer’s flour production efficiently. We can do regular examinations to the equipment and offer you guidance on the equipment operation if you need. Our staff in Lusaka Office can go to see your site and machines directly and give some advise face to face.

Spare Parts Supply:Normally Hongdefa will send you some wearing parts available for one-year operation of the equipment in our first order. When you are in need of new spare parts in the future, we can send directly from Lusaka/Zambia Office timely where have put a big storage room and delivery door to door.

Experienced technician and sales team.

Successful project of flour mill project:

If you want to know more information about Hongdefa maize/corn flour milling machine, please contact us.