We Are A Team

Last weekend, our company organized mountain climbing activities. That day we sat down early in the morning, all the way we said that laughing very lively, unconsciously to the destination.
To the foot of the mountain, we are very excited to climb, halfway there are two thirty-five degrees of the stairs, the test of the will of the time to my colleagues, the road is very rugged, and we have exhausted, really do not want to go. At this critical moment, accompanied by colleagues to encourage each other, everyone’s spirit to cheer up, emotional up. Colleagues pulled each other, clinging to the fence, climbing up step by step. Mountain climbing time is very long, but the joy of climbing to the top of the mountain can not be expressed in words, but also on the perseverance and endurance of the big test. Those who reached the end of the crowd they hugged each other, mutual praise, standing at the end to the upcoming colleagues cheer cheer cheer.


My perseverance and endurance has been greatly improved, but also enhance the friendly relations between colleagues and leaders. After the completion of the photo finished, we began to tie in and out of the twos and threes, along the way about some of the experience of the mountains and the heart of the dispute, is to continue to move forward or give up, but eventually stick to the end, along the road we also see a few Climbing colleagues, even if we have been hopeless, they still persevere to climb. This is a kind of what is worth learning spirit !

The organization of this kind of activity not only improves our individuality but also improves the whole team whole company, let us in any case no matter what the problems encountered, will not easily give up, through the strength of the team to solve.

Like We Are A Team.