what shall we pay attention when use of the high plan sifter

High plan sifter is the main sifting equipment of the flour milling machine factory. The quality of flour and the extraction rate of flour are directly related to the efficiency of the high plan sifter. Hongdefa factory use word top quality sifter. It has the characteristics of large screening capacity, high screening efficiency and no need frequent maintenance. Let’s take this equipment as an example to talk about some problems that should be paid attention to when using of high plan sifter in practice.

High plan sifter
First, the following conditions need to open high plan sifter:

Sifter screen

1) The materials under the sifter are highly mixed and the classification effect is poor. Shows that the sifting efficiency is low, the main reason is paste sifting or different types flour mixed. If like this, should stop the wheat or maize mill production line for inspection. Use the nylon brush clean the screen surface to increase the effective sifting area. Replace or replenish the cleaning balls (blocks) and picking blocks in the sieve. Because the frequent cracking in the product, some are worn, and the broken cleaning block and the mash block flow along the pipe to the feeding cylinder of the roller mill.

2) When testing the color of flour, if you find that the flour contains excessive amounts of bran, also please stop the wheat or maize flour mill machine production line. The reason is that the sieve is broken. If the nylon crucible is hard damaged, it must be replaced; if the damage is not large, it can also be repaired with a small sieve of white glue.

3) In the patrol inspection, if there is no flow under the screen, tap the high plan sifter door and make a “squeaky” sound, indicating that shows the sifter is clogged. It is possible that the inner and outer passages of the screen are clogged and the material circulation is not smooth. If it is just happening, you can keep the flour mill machine production line working, just stop feeding, unblock the outlet, then make the sifter back to normal operation. If the blockage is serious, then shall stop the working for maintenance; it is also possible that there will be too much material in a short period of time, and there will be sifting. Stop of feeding, and the material can be reasonably diverted according to the design flow and practical experience.

Second, when open and installing the parallel sieve, shall be careful to ensure the efficiency of the flat sieve.

  1. When installing the sieve, it should be placed in the order of the numbers and arranged neatly. The flour in the sifter should be cleaned to prevent the screen from being placed unevenly and gaps appearing. Please take attention Can’t be careless, placed upside down or not mixed by number. Especially when open two bin at the same time, do not confuse them with the next compartment.
  2. When checking the sieve, the screen surface should be tight and should not be slacked. Otherwise, it will affect the normal operation of the cleaning block (rubber ball), and the material will accumulate in the depression to reduce the effective sifting area.
  3. The flannel around the screen frame should be kept intact. If it is missing, it should be replenished in time, otherwise there will be flour leakage. When installing the sifter, the sealing strip cannot be knocked out. In operation, the front part of the sieve is placed in the sieve box, and then the rear section is lowered.
  1. After the sifter is placed, it will be compacted at the end. In the vertical direction, the screw pressing mechanism of the top of the warehouse is used to adjust the screen to each other by adjusting the left and right screw mosquitoes. During operation, the left and right thread should be adjusted in turn to prevent the one side from loosening, causing the displacement of the screen, causing the powder to be powdered, and the screen to be pressed in the horizontal direction. Because of the horizontal direction, the screw on the door can be adjusted. In order to make the horizontal pressing force uniform, the correct adjustment sequence should be tightened along the diagonal.

  2. When restarting, the flat screen should be idling for a few minutes to make the material empty, so as to prevent too much material in a short time, resulting in blockage.

    Third, regular inspections to ensure normal operation

1 If there is abnormal sound or impact sound in the high plan sifter during the inspection, it is very likely that the sieve grid is not pressed, and should be stopped immediately for maintenance.

2 In summer, the relative humidity in the air is large, and the upper and lower cloth sleeves of the high plan sifter are easily to fall, resulting in the outflow of the materials. In particular, fine flour, such as the wheat heart re-sifting (DIV3), bran sifting (DF) and so on. It is necessary to remove the flour on the ground in time, keep the workshop sanitary, and connect the cloth sleeve.

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