Which maize milling machines are the best for Tanzania market?

From 27th May to 4th June, we team visited Tanzania, this time our after service manager Ms Jane Liu together with us to Tanzania, we visited Dar-Es-Salaam and Arusha.

We take Ethiopia Air Line

We meet with lots of clients in Dar-Es-Salaam in the first 4 days we stay there, after talking with our clients, we found the market needing regular pattern.

1. the market need update old machines to latest technology maize milling plant.

Just like China in 20 years ago, the flour factory just small scale milling plants, but as the market develop, people have higher demand for flour’s quality and quantity. Big machines are start to build.

In Tanzania, as the economy develop, people have more and more demand for the Sembe. So the maize mill factory trying to find the ways to set up latest new technology maize milling machines. For Tanzania local maize milling plant, they mostly produce Dona. So the update timing is coming.

Sembe and Dona

1. As rapid economic development, more and more people have enough capacity to do the investment.

Nowadays more and more Tanzania people realize that the maize flour market is real a good business which can earn lots of money. So they want much large capacity milling machines.

Maize flour as a daily food, every day they need to have food. As More and more disposable income in people hand, they are willing to buy more better quality maize flour for their family. And even in the Army, School, college, in all field, the demand become large.

nice food Ugli in Dar-Es-Salaam

So the market develop so fast, what kind of maize mill machines are suitable for Tanzania market.

First, the maize flour mill machine should produce the final flour to meet local market. The maize mill plant can produce the target flour is become if you can achieve the market and get profit well.

We need design the machine to get Sembe and Dona to meet the market needs and confirm it’s quality.

As we know the market well, we make special design for our Tanzania client, to get good quality Sembe in the same time get Dona.

20T/24H maize milling line for Sembe and Dona

Second, the machine quality and life time is the key point.

During Tanzania, some client called me. Penny, my machines break down, will you come to visit me? It hve stop several days, really influence my profit! I am really confused, never heard this kind of sudden problems in our machines as we have the after service department.But final find out, they get the machine from other suppliers.

Even a pipe break down, you have to stop the production. But To our machines, we adopt stainless steel pipes, the life time is 3 times than the normal pipes.

The quality is our life for machinery!

Client very satisfied our maize milling machines

Third, professional after service departments is really important!

This time the after service manager Ms Jane Liu together with me to visit our clients, after talking with our clients who bought the maize milling machine, we get more needs from client, which can also hep us to do much better after service for our client.

Ms Jane Liu talking with our client

Fourth, update the machine as soon as possible, to make sure our machine can produce the final flour always have good market.

This year we visit Tanzania, more and more client talked about the micro dosser, the government is planing the rulers that need the maize flour milling factory equip with micro dosser to produce fortification flour, this will be the requirement to get the license.

In Kenya, the Government already had this kind of requirement for new factory to get the license. He micro dosser is not a big machine, but really a very important machine.

Micro dosser installed in our maize milling machine

Final, the machine can be adjust to make different kind of final products to meet different purpose.

When we visit some clients, they told us that around his factory, there is a Brewery who need lots maize grits, if our machine can produce.

To our maize milling plant to make to low fat grits will totally no problem. Even nowadays some client just do like this, some fine flour for local food, some grits for beer and snack food.

And also, some client around the border, they have the market in around countries, like Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, RD Congo and so on. So our machine can adjust to produce the final flour to meet different market needs.

To the by products, bran and germ are the good material for animal feed.

What we want to do is do our best to help our client get as much as profit.

Maize milling machine technical flow

Really had a nice trip to Tanzania, our Hongdefa Group will do our best to design and produce more good quality maize mill machines and wheat flour mills to meet Tanzania market.

Believe withe client’s trust, we can do the maize milling machines better and better.

Any time you want to know our maize milling machine well, please contact with me freely: Ms Penny Hou,. Whastapp/Wechat: +8613722885205 Email: penny@hdfmill.com

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