Why Hongdefa maize mill is so popular?

When you want to buy the maize mill machine, you will find that there is one China brand “Hongdefa”,is very popular, almost every country has their running maize mill, why? Why their maize mill machine is so popular?  I think there are some reasons making “Hongdefa”so popular.

First, because the quality of the maize mill machine. For the maize milling machine, high efficiency sieve, Gravity classification stoner, Moisture damper, Degerminator, Pneumatic Roller mill, Plansifter, High pressure pulse dust collector, Screw conveyor,Touch Screen/PLC control panel etc, all these maize milling machine the quality is high standard, European standard, very durable. Hongdefa  factory in China has so advanced processing machine like Laser cutter, which give the insurance against the machine quality

Second, because “Hongdefa” has so many year experiences in maize milling machine, there is many engineers that have more than 30year experience.

And also have rich experience in the national market. The technical flow is very successful and advanced. For example the technical characteristics

● Adopting advanced processing technology, cleaning, degerminating, milling, sifting and maize flour packing. It can produce 2-3 kinds of final products of different sizes and low-fat at the same time. They are maize flour, maize grits, maize meal,etc.

●The maize flours and maize grits produced by this complete set of processing machine contain germs, less skin, good taste, rich nutrition, bright color, long shelf life, good quality and high flour extraction rate.

●The complete set of maize flour milling machine is divided into three parts:

  1. Raw maize cleaning part, ( removing stone,dampening and degerminating):

The destoner is applied for efficient separation of stones and pebbles, glass, and other high-density matter from the stream of grain. It can remove all the impurity, such as steel, stones, ropes and so on.

The damper is an important piece of equipment to control the water content of the maize during maize cleaning in maize flour mills. It is the stainless steel, and it will not rusty, the working life is longer than the iron one.

Degerminator with Japan technology, is designed to ‘scrub’ the bran skin from the maize kernel and to dislodge the germ from its cavity, with the minimum reduction in size of the broken fragments.

2.Maize milling parts:

Hongdefa roller mill is European standard pneumatic roller mill. The quality of the final product can be maintained at a high level. The quality of the maize flour is particularly stable.

And Hongdefa uses stainless steel pipes which is very strong, and the working life is three times that of ordinary pipes.

In the plansifter, Hongdefa will give you different hole size of mesh screens, to get the different size of final products.

3.Control part:

The control system is the Touch Screen smart control system/ PLC auto control system. it is more convenience for controlling all the machines working.

the screen is the best quality in China. and the sensor Hongdefa uses Schneider and Mitsubishi.

It adopts a steel frame platform structure, which has lower power consumption than a flat layout and higher output. The steel platform has fine workmanship and beautiful appearance.

Third, Hongdefa has three branch office in Africa , Addis Ababa/Ethiopia , Lusaka/Zambia, Kampala/Uganda. The branch can offers before sale service, and after sale service. As the maize mill project is a big project , need also to maintain. What Hongdefa offer, is can service people 24h by 7days. So the client will no need to worry about maize mill spares,maintain, etc

240T per day maize mill in Zambia

Forth, Hongdefa has so many excellent workers , like the designer, engineer, and sales. When you choose Hongdefa maize mill, You feel you choose the future ,you are working with the people that will grow together with you, not just business, but also whole life friend .

I think there are also many other reasons for making Hongdefa maize mill very popular, Send my best wishes to all the clients of Hongdefa, also if you have any idea about the maize mill machine, or about “Hongdefa”, any time talk to me.